What is a Web Property?

A web property is an asset. If you own a website, you own an asset. It might be just sitting there being a static website you haven’t updated in a long time. It might even have value if it has been active for many years, has a prime domain name, attracts substantial traffic, or generates revenue. No matter what shape the site is in or what it is used for, it is an asset.

A web property asset can be any of these common types:

Basic Brochure Website

E-Commerce Website


Amazon Seller Account

Domain Name

Many people play around with creating websites, never realizing what they might have. For example: Your son might have created a trading card website for school, and over the years it has become an important source of information on those types of trading cards. However, when your son went off to college, he lost interest. Over the years, that site might have built a large and dependable flow of visitor traffic and has been linked to as a valuable resource by other websites. With a little effort, it could be generating revenue. It might also be valuable enough to sell for an amount of money that could pay for some of his college education.

Many people who own websites don’t realize that they can be sold quite easily, and sometimes are worth more than a million dollars.

Websites can be created for very little money. All you need to do is select a domain name and have it hosted. The rest is a creative activity of setting up the site design and content, so many people create hobby websites to educate others about history, crafting, gardening, and other such interests. Many of these sites are only intended to provide creative satisfaction to the site owner plus the pleasure of knowing that a few people visit the site every month.

However, other sites generate hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each month for their owners.

Other people don’t realize they can buy a profitable web business.

Other people don’t realize they can buy a profitable web business. They might be looking for additional income and are considering creating an online store, but hesitate to move forward because they don’t have the knowledge or creative skill to easily build a successful e-commerce website from scratch.

Operating online businesses is a relatively new thing. Buying and selling existing web properties is also a new thing. In fact, there are reputable brokers online who specialize in brokering web properties of all types.

However, not all web properties are the same . . .

. . . which is why on this site I will be teaching you

How to tell if your old website is actually worth money if you were to sell it.

How to increase the value of your website.

How to sell that old website.

How to buy a website that is already producing revenue.



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