What We Do

We are not brokers. We work for you, our client, and not for a brokerage firm.

Our goal is to help you limit your risk in buying or selling a web-based business. We do this by applying our expertise in evaluating every transaction according to its quality and benefit to you.

There are too many stories of web businesses bought by people who don’t have the technical or product knowledge to operate them successfully. Some buyers pay too much and some sellers sell for too little. Often, the all-important due diligence process is shallow or neglected altogether.

In many ways, our most important job is to say “no.”

Our Process

  1. Consultation —  You tell us what you have in mind and your goals. We carefully consider how we can best assist you, then we present a proposal and contract.
  2. Evaluation — If you are a buyer, we evaluate your industry, product, and business skills so we can help you find the most appropriate business to acquire. If you are looking to sell your web business, we help you emphasize its market value and create a pricing and marketing strategy.
  3. Performance — If you are a buyer, we check the available inventory at the web-business brokers and make suggestions regarding listings to consider. If you are selling your business, we introduce you to brokers who can provide the marketing and buyers you need.
  4. Advisory — Once you have chosen a potential acquisition or have found interested buyers for your business, we stand ready to help with negotiations, due diligence, transaction, and transfer of assets.