We help people buy and sell web-based businesses.


We believe web properties are a new alternative investment market that is growing fast. They can provide capital appreciation and income if the property is managed well. In fact, there are many institutional investors who have recognized this and are already investing in web properties.

Whether you are a professional investor, a retired person looking for income or a student paying for college, there is no substitute for dealing with professional web business consultants and doing your own careful due diligence.

You must carefully consider any purchases of web properties because there is no guarantee your investments will perform successfully. No broker guarantees the information presented or the success of web properties it brokers because all the information comes from the seller. As with any investment, it is possible to find out the seller is a skilled con artist.

One way to protect yourself is to work with a professional buyer’s/seller’s consultant whose allegiance is to you and who will guide you to appropriate properties and help you to conduct due diligence before you buy.

That is what we do for our clients.


The goal of this website is to help you learn what you need to learn, and show you where you can find the information you need to sell your web properties or invest in web properties.


Insider’s Guide To Selling Or Buying An Online Business

The Small Business Administration estimates that one-third of business startups with employees fail within the first two years. A Forbes article quotes a Bloomberg claim that 80 percent of startups fail within their first 18 months. I have seen other estimates that for every one web business startup that succeeds, one hundred fail within the …

What We Do

We are not brokers. We work for you, our client, and not for a brokerage firm.

Our goal is to help you limit your risk in buying or selling a web-based business. We do this by applying our expertise in evaluating every transaction according to its quality and benefit to you.

There are too many stories of web businesses bought by people who don’t have the technical or product knowledge to operate them successfully. Some buyers pay too much and some sellers sell for too little. Often, the all-important due diligence process is shallow or neglected altogether.

In many ways, our most important job is to say “no.”

Our Process

  1. Consultation —  You tell us what you have in mind and your goals. We carefully consider how we can best assist you, then we present a proposal and contract.
  2. Evaluation — If you are a buyer, we evaluate your industry, product, and business skills so we can help you find the most appropriate business to acquire. If you are looking to sell your web business, we help you emphasize its market value and create a pricing and marketing strategy.
  3. Performance — If you are a buyer, we check the available inventory at the web-business brokers and make suggestions regarding listings to consider. If you are selling your business, we introduce you to brokers who can provide the marketing and buyers you need.
  4. Advisory — Once you have chosen a potential acquisition or have found interested buyers for your business, we stand ready to help with negotiations, due diligence, transaction, and transfer of assets.



We are always happy to discuss your ideas and business needs. Our initial consultations are always free.

Please fill out the Contact Form at the bottom of this page if you would like to set up a call.

If you need specific advice, we charge an hourly fee or we work on retainer for more extensive advisory relationships.

Do you want to buy a web-based business?

Our job is to examine the currently available listings at the major brokerage firms and provide you with properties to consider. We also help you work with the broker and we arrange for information and meetings with the business owners.

This is a list of the types of information we would like to cover in your initial consultation:

  1. What kind of business are you considering? Do you want to buy and expand a portfolio of web businesses? Or do you want to buy and flip?
  2. Do you now or have you ever owned a web business? What experience and skills can you contribute to operating the business?
  3. How much are you considering spending?
  4. How will you finance the purchase? Are you thinking about an SBA loan?
  5. Do you have a date in mind when you would like to complete the acquisition?

Do you want to sell your web-based business?

Our job is to support you through the process of finding a professional broker to represent your business in the marketplace. We also assist in evaluating the price, offers and counter-offers, and negotiations toward the acquisition transaction.

This is a list of the types of information we would like to cover in your initial consultation:

  1. How long have you owned the business? What has been your experience with the business during this time?
  2. Describe your traffic. Do you use Google Analytics or some other traffic analytics?
  3. Does your business produce revenues? If so, what are your expenses including COGS?
  4. What profits come directly from your business operations?
  5. Why are you selling? Do you have a date in mind when you would like to complete the sale?

Please fill out and submit the following form if you would like to schedule a consultation.


Web Property Investor is the result of years working with one of the top web-business M&A firms, and our ideas for improvement on the brokerage business model.

We are not brokers. We are agents and advisers for our clients. This means we work for you — not a brokerage firm. There is no sales pressure on us to sell more. Our advice is based on what our experience tells us is best for you, our client.

Our Founder, Victoria Duff, has an extensive background in investment banking and startup consulting.

Victoria Duff
Victoria Duff

Victoria began her career on Wall Street in 1973, working for William K. Beckers at Spencer Trask (New York), the top institutional preferred stock house.

In 1975 she joined Blyth Eastman Dillon (New York) where she managed the new-issue corporate bond distribution book. While at BEDCO, she became one of the few women on Wall Street to be licensed as a Registered Representative.

In 1976, she was hired by Loeb Rhoades to be an institutional corporate bond broker in their San Francisco office – the third woman to become an institutional bond broker in the nation – and after Loeb Rhoades was merged into another firm in 1976, she was hired to work on the funding desk at Wells Fargo Bank (San Francisco), as part of a professional staff tasked with bringing Wells Fargo from regional bank status to a major money center bank. She was the top producer throughout her employment there.

In 1982, Victoria became the asset/liability manager of Eureka Federal Savings in San Carlos, California, then the nation’s fourth-largest S&L. While at EFS, she managed a $280 million bond portfolio, managed interest rate strategy, achieved one of the lowest cost of funds in the nation and was a key player in planning and implementing for S&L deregulation.

In 1983, she was recruited to join Prudential Bache in New York as part of a team tasked with helping the firm to become a recognized government bond dealer. The only female institutional bond broker in the firm, she became one of the top producers and achieved the largest trade the firm had ever done – a record that stood for many years. She was also a key player in the creation of two new investment products and became one of Wall Street’s first women to attain the title of Institutional Vice-President. While at Pru, one of the top auto manufacturers asked her to oversee the management of their new $1.5 billion intermediate Treasury bond portfolio and train the company staff in bond portfolio management.

She was hired away by Thomson McKinnon in New York in 1987 in their transition to build a more influential bond department. When Thomson went out of business after the Crash of 1987, she moved to Los Angeles where she became a retail stockbroker for Dean Witter. During her 4 years there, she was the top producer in one of the firm’s largest Southern California offices and, in 1995 was recruited by Prudential Securities to be a stockbroker in their Palos Verdes office.

Victoria left the investment industry to start her own business consultancy, aBusinessPlan.com, in 1997. For nearly 2 decades she planned, facilitated and launched new companies and new divisions for her happy clients and became one of the most influential women in the Southern California startup scene. She functioned as a start-up facilitator, enterprise analyst, strategic adviser, venture finance catalyst, investor liaison, author, and speaker. Her clients come to her via personal recommendation and she has been quietly writing some of the best-regarded business plans in the country, crafting them to highlight exactly what the venture investment community wants to see.  She has also prepared companies for IPOs, skillfully handled both pre- and post-IPO investor relations and written compliance documents. She speaks venture investor language thanks to her 20-year background in top-tier Wall Street investment banking, and because of that, her company has been a favorite referral of Venture Capital Funds, Angel Investor Groups, and top law and accounting firms.

Victoria specializes in all forms of business and finance writing, including compliance documents, business plans, and investor communications. She is also a gifted long-form direct marketing copywriter. She blogs and is experienced in both past and current SEO techniques. Her clients value her as a quick-study and knowledgeable about a wide variety of business models, marketing strategies and revenue models.

She has a wide variety of interests, rising at 4am every day to catch the close of Asian markets and the open of European markets. She is active in the startup community and enjoys working with clients all over the world. She is an avid art collector and is learning to spot wild mushrooms for her gourmet cooking. Victoria is also working with elite scientists and former Stargate remote viewers in consciousness studies.

Victoria Duff